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If you’re like most women, your day’s looked something like this so far:

  • Wake up (too) early
  • Greet the day (and your kids who are already begging for sugary cereal - who gave those kids coffee when you weren’t looking, anyway?)
  • Grab a shower (lock the door! there’s got to be some place you can have a moment alone… even if all the hot water’s already gone)
  • Get dressed (dig, dig, dig through that pile of laundry - there’s a bra in there somewhere!)
  • Off to the races!

Whether you work outside the home, stay home with kids, or have managed to design some other schedule that’s so amazing the rest of us might be jealous, there’s still one thing we’ve got in common…

We are today’s women. We’re doing our best to make life great for ourselves and those around us. We’re making it happen - every day.

So this blog’s for you.

A chance to kick back (even for just a minute or two), to connect, to chuckle, to get some good tips and tricks, and to celebrate being a woman.

And hey, we all know how hard it can be to get your two cents in throughout the day - it’s an amazing thing to be heard.

So, here’s your chance. Sound off, vent, boast, or just ask what you’ve always wanted to know - this is your site, and your few minutes.

Make it a great day!

Your Shoes: A Love Affair in Your Closet



If you are like most women, you love your shoes.

In fact, you probably have several pairs in your closet.

What is it about these two small foot coverings that send us to the moon? Far be it from me to guess your reasons, but for most of us shoes are better than gold.

Love + Sex

How to Talk “The Talk”

Sex is one of the biggest taboos in the world. As each generation matures and progresses further than the last, the public attitude toward sex changes. As a parent, you have been shouldered with many responsibilities. Included in these responsibilities is preparing your child for the world he or she inhabits.

Misinformation and denial are two of the most common approaches to dealing with the topic of sex. It may be hard for parents to grasp the fact that their children are turning into young adults. Some parents choose to scare their children into abstinence by only discussing sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy; others refuse to approach their kids about the subject at all. It makes them feel uncomfortable and awkward; of course nobody really wants to have the “sex talk”. But sex is a natural part of life and it isn’t something to be afraid of if you take precautions. The campaign of fear needs to be replaced with helpful informative discussions.

Some families have strong feelings about abstinence. They may think that their child will be abstinent and that there is no reason to invite further discussion of sexual activity. But all parents everywhere should make sure that their teenagers feel comfortable enough to ask any questions they have. Asking questions doesn’t necessarily mean that teenagers are planning on having sex. Human beings are naturally curious about themselves, and adolescence is a time of great change. Teenagers make better decisions when they are informed, so make sure you help them understand that it’s okay to ask questions.

Claim Your Flame!

In any relationship there comes a time when one or both partners realize that a certain excitement has been diminished. In a marriage especially, the romantic element is sometimes pushed to the side. Families and jobs can interfere with the passion between a wife and her husband. But it doesn’t have to stay this way. A few simple gestures are all it takes to reignite the flame and turn the heat back up.

Never overestimate the value of privacy. Although it may seem like you and your partner are alone together, privacy requires focus and planning. Particularly if you are married with children, private moments can be hard to come by and may seem like a thing of the past. Choose a night of the week that is an adult night. Get a babysitter and get out of the house! Being away from home will allow you both to relax and think about other things. You will be able to focus on each other without the interruption of children, dinner, chores etc.

And while planning alone time once a week will ensure that you get it, don’t forget to follow your instincts with your romance. Be impulsive. Surprise each other at the office by sending flowers or a card. Suggest on-the-spot activities and don’t ever be afraid to try new things. If you discover something about yourself in the process it will only bring you closer together as a couple. Don’t neglect your personal desires; decide what you want from your partner and then discuss how you’re going to achieve it together.