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If you’re like most women, your day’s looked something like this so far:

  • Wake up (too) early
  • Greet the day (and your kids who are already begging for sugary cereal - who gave those kids coffee when you weren’t looking, anyway?)
  • Grab a shower (lock the door! there’s got to be some place you can have a moment alone… even if all the hot water’s already gone)
  • Get dressed (dig, dig, dig through that pile of laundry - there’s a bra in there somewhere!)
  • Off to the races!

Whether you work outside the home, stay home with kids, or have managed to design some other schedule that’s so amazing the rest of us might be jealous, there’s still one thing we’ve got in common…

We are today’s women. We’re doing our best to make life great for ourselves and those around us. We’re making it happen - every day.

So this blog’s for you.

A chance to kick back (even for just a minute or two), to connect, to chuckle, to get some good tips and tricks, and to celebrate being a woman.

And hey, we all know how hard it can be to get your two cents in throughout the day - it’s an amazing thing to be heard.

So, here’s your chance. Sound off, vent, boast, or just ask what you’ve always wanted to know - this is your site, and your few minutes.

Make it a great day!


holesome Eating

People have always claimed the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what meal can bring a family closer together than dinner?

Dinner has the ability to unite moms and children and wives and husbands at the end of any hectic day. It’s the tradition of family time that is most closely associated with dinner.

That being said, it’s not always so easy to plan a dinner. Just deciding what to cook can be a battle all on its own. Not to mention finding the time to prepare an entire meal while juggling other obligations.

Especially if you have children, it can be hard to keep healthy meals appealing. With the influence of fast food chains and junk food, kids are exposed to wildly unhealthy diets from an early age.

Kids want to eat food that tastes good, and you want them to eat food that’s good for them. It’s a difficult balancing act.

The easiest way to deal with the task of preparing dinners is to plan in advance. Set yourself a schedule of meals at the beginning of the week and stick to the schedule.

If you take time out of your weekend to plan healthy meals, you will be less likely to cave in and resort to cheap and easy options by ordering pizza or picking up cheeseburgers.

If your kids still want pizza and hamburgers, cook them at home. By preparing the meal yourself, you will be able to sneak vegetables onto the pizza, or reduce the fat content of the hamburger patties by purchasing a higher quality of meat.

An Alternative Approach

It happens every night. You finish dinner and begin to crave the triple chocolate deluxe ice cream in the refrigerator. Or maybe a slice of that cheesecake left over from your birthday. Whatever it is you’re craving, you may want to find a reason to say no.

The important thing to remember about treating yourself to dessert is exactly that: dessert is a treat. It’s not a fourth meal of the day. However, for those occasions when you just can’t say no, you shouldn’t feel guilty about indulging your cravings.

But what about all those other nights? Just because you tell yourself ‘no’ doesn’t change the fact that you want a tasty morsel. That’s where an alternative approach to dessert can be helpful.

Always try to keep fruit in the house. And not just the traditional apples and oranges; these can be fine for a snack in between meals, but won’t help to satisfy your after dinner pangs.

Branch out into more exotic kinds of fruit. Pick up a few kiwis in the grocery store. A kiwi sliced in half, lightly drizzled with warm chocolate sauce, is a no-regrets kind of dessert. It’s light and it’s mostly fruit; plus it tastes delicious!

Another option is to buy less damaging dessert options. For instance, if you can’t stand to go one night without a bowl of ice cream, try buying frozen yogurt instead. It’s got the same flavor and satisfaction that comes with ice cream, but it’s much less fattening.

And if you decorate the frozen yogurt with raspberries and blackberries, you’ll be going one step further to ensure you get a serving of fruit with your dessert.

Diet: It Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Whenever you hear the word diet, you probably think of hunger, pains and boring food.

Face it. Drinking a protein shake and counting calories is just not fun.

Is it possible to lose weight, eat healthy, and enjoy the whole process?

Of course it is. It just takes some imagination.

Before you even begin the process of shaping up your body and your diet, you need to change your views on eating.

Part of the problem with diets is that they fail. But if we take the word “diet” and change its meaning in our minds, we can put a positive spin on the idea. Don’t think of diet as starvation or hunger. Instead, change the definition to mean healthy eating habits. You need food to live. That’s not a sin. Traditional diets are sinful because they deprive you of nutrition.

Okay. Let’s get started. To succeed in this process, you have to think about the reasons you want to change your life. It can’t just be about weight loss. You have to think about your health as well. Write down your reasons for eating healthy in a notebook, sign it and date it. You have just made a commitment to yourself to live better.

Now, you have to plan how to eat.

Instead of grabbing the first thing you see in the refrigerator or stopping at the fast food window, brown bag it for lunch. Make a shopping list that includes foods you like that are healthy. Throw in healthy salad dressings and other condiments and spices to liven up the flavor.

Finally, go shopping and get started.