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If you’re like most women, your day’s looked something like this so far:

  • Wake up (too) early
  • Greet the day (and your kids who are already begging for sugary cereal - who gave those kids coffee when you weren’t looking, anyway?)
  • Grab a shower (lock the door! there’s got to be some place you can have a moment alone… even if all the hot water’s already gone)
  • Get dressed (dig, dig, dig through that pile of laundry - there’s a bra in there somewhere!)
  • Off to the races!

Whether you work outside the home, stay home with kids, or have managed to design some other schedule that’s so amazing the rest of us might be jealous, there’s still one thing we’ve got in common…

We are today’s women. We’re doing our best to make life great for ourselves and those around us. We’re making it happen - every day.

So this blog’s for you.

A chance to kick back (even for just a minute or two), to connect, to chuckle, to get some good tips and tricks, and to celebrate being a woman.

And hey, we all know how hard it can be to get your two cents in throughout the day - it’s an amazing thing to be heard.

So, here’s your chance. Sound off, vent, boast, or just ask what you’ve always wanted to know - this is your site, and your few minutes.

Make it a great day!


Celebrity Romance: A Hollywood Love That Truly Lasted

A legend left the building this week.

At the age of 83, actor Paul Newman lost his battle with cancer.

Everyone will remember his amazing blue eyes, his acting ability, and the best salad dressing ever invented.

But it is his love for his wife, Joanne Woodward that will long remain in the memories of his fans. This couple truly stands out among Hollywood’s elite.

In 1953, Paul was an aspiring actor on the Broadway stage in the production of Picnic. Joanne was an understudy for the production. At the time Paul was married to his first wife, Jackie Witte. They later divorced, and Paul married Joanne the same year she won the Oscar for the Three Faces of Eve.

Paul was never shy in admitting he had the best of the best of women. He once likened Joanne to a fine steak to which other women could never compare. On their wedding day, his new wife drank from a silver cup with the inscription, “So you wound up with Apollo. If he’s sometimes hard to swallow, use this.”

They starred in several films together, but left Hollywood to raise their family in Connecticut. Although they were different, they somehow made it work. Joanne didn’t interfere with Paul’s love for racing cars. Although it was dangerous, she loved him enough to let him fulfill his passions.

The world has truly lost a gifted actor, and Joanne Woodward has lost her best friend. Hollywood will never be the same without him.

Why not rent one of Paul Newman’s classics this weekend?

Paul Newman Bio

Music To Your Baby’s Ears

Music is one of the most accessible art forms around. Children of all ages can listen to music and benefit from the experiences they have. It can be a group activity or it can be an individual activity. Toddlers in particular have been shown to benefit from being exposed to all kinds of music. It can trigger cognitive activity, making it easier for young children to learn and grow.

Classical music has been rumored to have the greatest effect on babies and infants. While it doesn’t guarantee that your child will be a genius, listening classical music acts like a wake-up call for the mind. Researchers have shown that listeners are temporarily alert after hearing classical music. While it has no long lasting effects, it can make your child more aware and allow them to learn more effectively. All in all, the benefits of listening to classical music are undeniable.

Music does not only help strengthen the powers of the mind. More than being an intellectual helper, music is an emotional tool that children and adults can use their whole lives. Exposing kids to music early on teaches them about the outlet for feelings that it can provide. If you open the doors to a musical lifestyle early on, then your child will always have that to depend on. Early childhood is also a good time to give children the option of learning a musical instrument, such as piano. Lessons teach discipline, and structure, and they will allow children to explore their abilities.

Something for Everyone

It’s that time of year again! Finally, all our favorite television shows are returning to the air, and this promises to be a season of exciting drama for everyone.

An uncommonly diverse selection of programs is fighting for public attention in the time slots. Whatever type of television you enjoy, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your cravings in the current line-up of shows.

Classic melodramas such as Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty are back full throttle, with season openers that impressed viewers across the country.

And then there are the medical dramas. Grey’s Anatomy provided a juicy fifth season premiere. ER, which first aired in 1994, also began another season last week. What is it about doctors and medicine that makes for such dependably good television?

Several sitcoms are also experiencing success in prime-time brackets. These half-hour installments have been winning the hearts of viewers for quite a while. 30 Rock, the Office, and The New Adventures of Old Christine were all nominated for Emmys this year.

A more recent addition to the traditional genres of television is reality TV. This wide-ranging style of entertainment has been slowly addicting viewers for the past decade, and continues to premiere each season with more outrageous concepts. The Real Housewives of Orange County, one of Bravo’s most recent investments, has raked in viewers since its debut last year.

The point is that television bridges all gaps. Whatever satisfies your personal taste can surely be found among the hundreds of options presented to modern viewing audiences.