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If you’re like most women, your day’s looked something like this so far:

  • Wake up (too) early
  • Greet the day (and your kids who are already begging for sugary cereal - who gave those kids coffee when you weren’t looking, anyway?)
  • Grab a shower (lock the door! there’s got to be some place you can have a moment alone… even if all the hot water’s already gone)
  • Get dressed (dig, dig, dig through that pile of laundry - there’s a bra in there somewhere!)
  • Off to the races!

Whether you work outside the home, stay home with kids, or have managed to design some other schedule that’s so amazing the rest of us might be jealous, there’s still one thing we’ve got in common…

We are today’s women. We’re doing our best to make life great for ourselves and those around us. We’re making it happen - every day.

So this blog’s for you.

A chance to kick back (even for just a minute or two), to connect, to chuckle, to get some good tips and tricks, and to celebrate being a woman.

And hey, we all know how hard it can be to get your two cents in throughout the day - it’s an amazing thing to be heard.

So, here’s your chance. Sound off, vent, boast, or just ask what you’ve always wanted to know - this is your site, and your few minutes.

Make it a great day!

How to Avoid Being Taken for a Bundle When Renovating

men especially seem to be seen as easy targets when it comes to getting renovation and architectural work done. The common feeling is that women do not know anything about these areas and so can be charged higher rates.

Nothing could be further from the truth however. Women are catching on to what is happening. For those who don’t know how to avoid being billed too much for renovation jobs, this article provides some tips.

Tips to Know Before Beginning

  • Have a clear plan of exactly what you have in mind. If you are unclear on what type and the extent of the renovation you plan, it could cost you in the long run. Without a clear idea of what you want you can be sold on a renovation project that is too expensive.
  • Set a budget. This can be done by determining how much you can or want to spend. Also, getting the cost of materials you will need is important.
  • Ask for recommendations from family members and friends who have had renovations done. This will eliminate you having to go and look for a contractor yourself. Plus getting recommendations will ensure that you get someone whose quality of work is already known.
  • Get quotes from different contractors who do renovations. Compare the quotes and see which one is closer to the price you budgeted for. Do be aware that the cheapest is not necessarily the best option.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You are spending your own money and have the right to ask questions.

When it comes time to haggle, having someone else with you might not be a bad idea, though it’s not necessary. Getting the cost of material beforehand will ensure that you won’t be overcharged. You must expect some difference in price however, if your contractor offers material as part of the job. Make it clear that you expect the job to be completed on schedule, and have your agreement put in writing. Now that you know how to contain cost and not be taken for all you have, why not plan a renovation project?