The Value of Networking

Networking is now one of the hottest words around. Not only is it popular in business circles, but has also taken root in almost every sector including social clubs and our personal lives as well.

What is networking

Networking is the art of building relationships, which will at some future date connect you with people you may need to get information from. It allows the sharing of experience and the gaining of knowledge among people with similar or related interests.

Networking is more than just meeting face-to-face. Networking can be done over the phone or via the Internet.

Why is Networking Important?

Networking is valuable on many levels. One benefit is that it is a way of widening business connections. The more persons you know within your area of specialization or field, the greater the possibility of obtaining work. This is especially true and important if you are a freelancer.

Networking is also a way of keeping aware of changes in your given environment. Persons who network are normally the first to know of important industry changes. Many persons know about some changes even before they happen.

How to Network

People network in various ways. If you want to start networking seriously you need to do some of the following:

  • Attend professional meetings
  • Join professional groups in your area of interest
  • Go to social events, such as a party thrown by associates
  • Join service organizations such as Toastmasters International and the Kiwanis International

Networking is extremely important to career and personal development. However, for networking to work and provide value, it is important to keep in touch. Building networks happens each time you meet someone, so start building your networks now.

Social Networking in Plain English

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