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Tips to Make Organizing Easy

There are professional organizers for a reason. The thought of organizing frightens most of us, especially when we look at the big picture. However, whether it is your home or office, organizing can be a fun and enjoyable project. Seriously, it can be.

Messy Room

Messy Room

To make organizing easy and fun, the following tips will help:

  • Start small: Don’t overwhelm yourself by looking at the big picture. When faced with getting some order in a room, don’t look at tackling the room as a whole. The best thing is to decide where you plan on starting. This can be as small an area as a closet or the top of a vanity. Just focus on that small area.

Once you have finished with that area, take a break and admire your handiwork. It will inspire you to get the rest done over time.

  • Make a list: As simplistic as this sounds a list will make your organizing so much easier. This checklist would include simple things such as what you plan on doing and how. As with most tasks, having a plan makes it easier.
  • Make a schedule: A timetable for completing certain tasks can be very useful in getting things done, especially during the main de-cluttering.
  • Disposal: This is a big problem many of us have when organizing – we may not want to throw out or give away anything. To aid in this process have three (3) large containers handy when you start working. Label them:

    • Give Away or Sell
    • Storage
    • Trash

Once you pick up something put it in the appropriate container. Do not keep items that are broken and cannot be repaired just for sentimental reasons. All items that you do not want, or those which cannot be given away or sold, should go into trash.

Organizing as you can see doesn’t even have to be expensive. For example, instead of buying storage containers, use boxes for items you plan on giving away or selling.

Lastly, organizing doesn’t just stop with clearing and de-cluttering. Try to make organizing a part of your life.