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Can Entrepreneurs Survive a Lagging Economy?

Short answer, they must. Long answer, their survival will depend on a number of factors. When the environment in which an entrepreneur enjoys success changes, it is bound to have an effect on the bottom line, whether positive or negative. Some steps a business person can take to lessen the impact of a slowing economy are:

Have a flexible attitude – A changing situation requires a change in thinking. You must be able to adapt to challenges as they come your way. This tends to be more difficult for smaller businesses, without access to lines of credit and capital enjoyed by larger companies.

Business Woman on Phone

Business Woman on Phone

Keep Marketing – A sluggish environment doesn’t mean you can forget about marketing. You still need to remind people why they should do business with you. Try cutting back if necessary, rather than stopping altogether.

Try to keep current customers

– This may involve cutting prices a bit, but certainly don’t go below what you can afford. You may want to treat customers who have contracts as special cases.

Keep up to date – This covers a number of areas, but the most important is being aware of new developments in your field. Also take advantage of any new training opportunities as they arise.

Update your business plan – Your business plan should be updated every year, and should reflect any changes that occurred during the previous year. It is important to be clear about the direction you want your business to go.

Get advice – Talk to some people you consider successful and get some tips. It would help if you’re not competing with them in any way. Be sure to check online resources as well.

Network – This is essential for any business, no matter what the economic climate is like. Attend social gatherings, join associations, anything that will help you make good connections that will help your business.

Not all businesses can survive a tough environment. This is part of the process of adapting too. In the event that your business folds, you can seek a job temporarily, or try some other venture. Do something else until the time is right to try again if that’s what you choose to do.

How to Handle Office Gossip

There are few if any offices where there isn’t some level of gossip mongering. While there is little that can be done to totally eliminate office gossip, it can be contained.

Controlling office gossip first of all calls for open communication between management and staff. In some instances, gossip results from workers feeling that management is not being open about issues.

Other methods of controlling gossip in the office include ignoring the troublemakers who are known gossips. Avoiding those who like to share office gossip may not be easy but it can be done. Ignoring them works because listening empowers gossipers.

When you avoid the company of gossipers, you help to control office rumor. Some ways to avoid office gossip and nip it in the bud are:

  • Change the topic of the conversation: You can do this by politely saying that you do not want to have that discussion.
  • Walk away: if someone starts gossiping try to walk away. This will indicate that you have no interest in what they are saying. You can also excuse yourself by stating that you are busy and need to complete a task.

In many instances, co-workers who are constantly gossiping do so because of serious ego issues.

Office gossip can be used to some advantage. Good managers will sometimes use the office grapevine to know what workers are thinking or saying about certain issues. The information garnered can be used to implement positive changes.

Job Security or Insecurity?

For years, job security has long been a thing of the past.

Our parents and grandparents worked at the same job

How secure is your job?

How secure is your job?

for most of their lives.

In the last decade, companies found cheaper labor in foreign countries. Employees in the United States found themselves training replacements from India. Many were promised bonuses and severance packages as long as they worked through the transition.

What a deal.

As if outsourcing wasn’t enough, job security has taken another hit in recent weeks.

The economy of the United States and the world has taken a turn for the worse. What started in the financial sector has spread to the broader economy. Companies that trust in lines of credit to meet payroll and buy supplies are now finding themselves unable to function. Inevitably, people will begin losing jobs.

Now is not the time to stick your head in the sand.

You need to take steps now to protect yourself financially. Being prepared for possible job loss does not mean you have to quit tomorrow. Instead, you want to keep your options open in the event that you need to find a job later on.

If you haven’t done it already, stash away a few months worth of paychecks in a savings account.

Save as much as you can.

Next, update your resume and start networking with your friends. Most jobs go to people who know someone internally.

Finally, being prepared does not mean getting stressed out and worrying.

If things are weighing too heavily on you right now, confide in someone you trust or get professional help. The last thing you need at a time like this is to be hampered by depression.

Don’t just sit there worrying - it’ll keep you busy, but it won’t get anything accomplished.

Instead, jump into action! You’ll feel better, and you might just be amazed by the results.