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After The Divorce – The Dating Game

As with everything else in life, after a divorce, at some point both parties must move on. So you’re single once again, now what? Have you decided to totally exorcise your ex from your life? Or do you want to remind yourself that there were good times? Eventually you may feel the desire to get back on the dating scene, or maybe succumb to not-so-subtle hints from friends and family.

Love Gone

Love Gone

Some dating experts feel that after a divorce, a blind date is not the best option. After all, you’ve just been through one of the more traumatic experiences life will throw at you, why start with an unknown quantity? Instead, check out the local club with a few friends. Make sure it’s age appropriate of course. No need to make yourself feel worse by sticking out like a sore thumb.

Try going for walks in the park, you never know who you might meet. You might find more than your favorite box of cereal in the supermarket aisle too. Of course, no one is suggesting that you go trolling the supermarket looking for dates, just be open to whatever opportunities may arise.

Don’t be surprised if you find the dating scene to be something of a shock. Things may have changed a little or a lot depending on how long you’ve been married. This may be a good time to become more involved. Local clubs or charities are a good option.

Do you have kids? Try becoming more involved in the PTA. Who knows, you may not only find the experience fulfilling, you may also meet a single dad or mom.

Moving on after a divorce can be difficult. Many divorcees have sought therapy, the confidence of a close friend or family member. If you feel you need to talk to someone, do it. Before you can even think about dating, you have to make sure you have adjusted mentally and emotionally to being single. It’s not a one step process, so go as slow as you need to.

Technology and Dating

Does anyone remember when the term ‘singles bar’ was part of the public consciousness? I’m sure they are still around, but are they still valuable tools in navigating the dating jungle? Ok, jungle may seem like too harsh a term, but let’s be honest, it can get pretty wild out there.

The dating landscape has changed and so has the way people connect with each other. Social networking websites and hot gadgets help keep people in touch in a manner never seen before or even imagined a few years ago.

Many would argue that the Internet has had a tremendous impact on dating and relationships. Any time you surf the net, you will come across websites offering the latest tips, as well stories, good and bad, about other people’s experiences with online dating. Many people now turn to dating websites to find their ideal match.

These dating websites claim to be able to find your mate with their software, and some go as far as to offer guarantees. Some studies claim that over 3 million people have visited dating websites this year alone.

Let’s not forget the tech gadgets like the iPhone and the Blackberry, just to name a couple which enable web browsing from just about anywhere. Texting seems to have become a popular pastime for many. Throw in instant messengers and webcams, and it is easy to see that dating has been redefined to a great extent. Now singles can meet and develop a relationship with others anywhere in the world.

What does this mean for anyone in, or seeking a relationship? It is difficult to tell. Having a Smartphone in your pocket certainly can’t hurt, but some feel that seeking love through online dating services takes away some of the magic of relationships. Others may argue that in today’s fast paced world, technology makes dating and relationships easier. Whatever your approach, basic social rules of dating still apply.