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Cosmeceuticals and Nutraceuticals - the Hottest Trends in Beauty Care



The beauty care industry has been experiencing an evolution over the last few years. As the aging population increases and with more people looking for ways to hold back the hands of time, new products and ingredients are rapidly being introduced on the market. Two product lines creating waves are cosmeceuticals and nutraceutucals.


So what does the term cosmeceuticals mean? It is simply the consumption of products believed to be beneficial to skin, hair, nails and overall health. In fact the word is a blending of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Cosmeceuticals are generally marketed as having anti-aging properties and include moisturizers and firming lotions. They are applied to the skin as lotions and ointments and are said to help minimize wrinkles and keep skin firm.


Nutraceuticals are also known as nutricosmetics. They are marketed as being able to help keep skin beautiful, as well as maintain good health. So popular is the concept of edible beauty products that many established and well-known cosmetic and food manufacturers are getting in on the action. Nestle and Dannon have joined the ranks of those who have introduced edible products that offer beauty benefits.

Nestle’s offering is in conjunction with beauty giant, L’Oreal. The venture called Laboratoires Inneov will create products that will help keep skin and nails beautiful and healthy.

Borba water is another nutraceutical product that has caught the attention of consumers. Also on the market is a pill that is said to both moisturize and tone the skin called SkinSublime.