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Overexposed Celebrities

Let’s face it, there are some celebs who would be totally forgotten with the constant media spotlight. On the other hand, there are celebrities who seem to attract attention even without wanting to.

If there was a contest to determine the most overexposed celeb, Britney Spears would win hands down. Her exploits have been well documented so there is no need to go into them here.

The Paris Hilton train seems like it will never run out of steam. The latest bit of coal of the fire; Paris Hilton’s My New BFF. Hilton insists this is a genuine search, and not just for ratings.

Tom Cruise: His antics have sparked controversy and inspired late night jokes in equal measure. His public war of words with Brooke Shields seemed to turn off many female fans. He has since apologized and has embarked on an image repair campaign.

Nicole Richie: Where to begin. An eating disorder, arrests for driving under the influence, a public falling out with Paris Hilton (hence the new search I guess). Her fans probably breathed a collective sigh of relief when she found a stable relationship and gave birth to daughter Harlow.

Donald Trump: Well what can anyone say about this shameless self promoter that hasn’t already been said? He seems to have had public spats with everyone from Martha Stewart to Rosie O’Donnell. Let’s face it, The Donald never does anything quietly.

Lindsay Lohan: Once a child star with tremendous potential, Lindsay has become a prime tabloid target. Stories of drug use, drunk driving and a public rebuke by a studio boss have left many scratching their heads.

Jessica Simpson: She is a reality TV star, she sings, and she also acts… badly some say. There is no denying her legions of fans, but with film roles, a new album and another highly publicized romance, she risks everyone saying ‘enough.’

While celebrities need attention for their careers to thrive, the old credo that any publicity is good publicity doesn’t ring true. Some celebrities could certainly benefit from a little time out of the public eye. Still, this may not be an easy task, as once the paparazzi have set their sights on a celeb, they don’t let go; unless of course, an even juicier story turns up.

Paparazzi, maybe

Paparazzi, maybe