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Decorating on a Budget

Ladies. Decorating a home is a continous event. In most cases, whenever we step out of the house, we find one decoration item or the other to buy.

If you are on a tight budget, the best option is to sit down and list out what you need to decoration the home on a paper.

There are several discount shops around and the best bet is to visit one of them.

Entertaining on a Budget

Yes, entertaining can be possible on a budget. There are lots of tips and tricks to use to put on a fantastic event without having to break the bank. The thought of entertaining can sometimes put you into a tailspin when there is nothing on hand.

Some simple tips to help you entertain with minimum fuss and still have a great event are:

Keeping it simple: There are no set rules that you have to be elaborate when entertaining. As a matter of fact simple is sometimes the best option. Avoid a multi-course meal, instead go for tasty morsels, that is, finger foods.

Opt for fruits and vegetables: These are generally cheaper than most types of meats. There are lots of interesting and tasty ways to prepare and serve vegetables and fruits at even the most upscale event.

Bring something: Don’t be embarrassed to have your guests bring something along. This can be a bottle of wine, a salad or a casserole; not only will this reduce the cost to you, but also the amount of time you need to spend preparing.

Dessert on the cheap: If you are planning an event that calls for dessert, opt for cheaper.

Decorate for Cheap: Make a festive or interesting setting with decorations. This can be done without spending on a bundle on decorators. Grab decorations from a dollar store or from your garden if you have one. Placing cut flowers in and around a room not only improves the ambience, but can help enhance the mood of guests.

Recipes: Always keep simple recipes on hand for when you have to entertain. These can be lifesavers when you have little time to prepare and even less cash to spare.

Just a little planning and preparation can make all the difference when it comes to entertaining successfully on a shoestring budget.

Work + Money

Save Yourselves!

As the economy in this country continues its quick and downward slide, many individuals are worried about their savings. The outlook seems bleak from here. People work all their lives and still retire into poverty. What can we do to prevent ruin in our retirement years? How can we protect ourselves from the economic crisis that is affecting everyone? The answer lies in a few simple savings guidelines.

To start with, you need to separate yourself from the idea of immediate gratification. This culture is based on getting what we want when we want it. The entire idea behind a credit card is paying for purchases with money that you don’t actually have. Why would you buy something you don’t have the money to pay for? This attitude of immediate gratification makes it impossible to put money into a savings account. In addition to an attitude adjustment, you need to make sure you put your words into action. It isn’t enough to merely plan on saving money. You have to be the one to stick back a little bit with every month’s paycheck.

To do this successfully, you should set a schedule for yourself. Choose a portion of your income and stick it in a retirement fund on a regular basis. You should disperse your money throughout several funds to ensure that you have a variety of options. This way if you have a financial emergency, you will be able to draw from other funds besides the retirement fund. You need to look out for your own personal interests.

Juggling Responsibilities

Balancing your professional life and your personal life can often feel like a high wire act. The responsibilities of work coupled with the pressures of everyday life are enough to overwhelm anyone.

If you add motherhood to the mix, things can get downright chaotic! But you don’t need to feel panicked. There are a few guidelines that can help you overcome the stresses of work and family.

First of all, always keep a realistic perspective of your values. Decide what’s truly important to you, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to give yourself a reality check.

Does your attention deserve to be so consumed by the problems at hand, or can the tasks be handled with a different attitude?

If the work at hand is truly important and the responsibility is one that you shoulder alone, lay out a list of short term goals. By writing out the specific obligations, you will be less likely to forget any important parts.

As you complete each task on your list, you can cross it off. This will show the progress you are making, and help to calm you down. If you are calmer, you will be able to work more efficiently and happily.

The same rules go for your home life. Make a list of your top priorities - school events you can’t afford to miss, soccer games you need to make time for. If you manage your days well, you won’t have to choose between your personal life and your professional life.

It requires an effort, but if you make the decision to manage your work life effectively, you’ll be able to have more time for the things that really matter.