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Celebrity Romance: A Hollywood Love that Truly Lasted

A legend left the building this week.

At the age of 83, actor Paul Newman lost his battle with cancer.

Everyone will remember his amazing blue eyes, his acting ability, and the best salad dressing ever invented.

But it is his love for his wife, Joanne Woodward that will long remain in the memories of his fans. This couple truly stands out among Hollywood’s elite.

In 1953, Paul was an aspiring actor on the Broadway stage in the production of Picnic. Joanne was an understudy for the production. At the time Paul was married to his first wife, Jackie Witte. They later divorced, and Paul married Joanne the same year she won the Oscar for the Three Faces of Eve.

Paul was never shy in admitting he had the best of the best of women. He once likened Joanne to a fine steak to which other women could never compare. On their wedding day, his new wife drank from a silver cup with the inscription, “So you wound up with Apollo. If he’s sometimes hard to swallow, use this.”

They starred in several films together, but left Hollywood to raise their family in Connecticut. Although they were different, they somehow made it work. Joanne didn’t interfere with Paul’s love for racing cars. Although it was dangerous, she loved him enough to let him fulfill his passions.

The world has truly lost a gifted actor, and Joanne Woodward has lost her best friend. Hollywood will never be the same without him.

Why not rent one of Paul Newman’s classics this weekend?

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