Dating Doesn’t Have to End When Commitment Starts

On your first date, he brought you roses and took you to an amazing restaurant.

You talked all night long.

A relationship began that night that continues to this day.

But some things have changed.

The flowers stopped a long time ago. Remember those dinners at fancy restaurants? You can’t go to dinner when you have responsibilities. You no longer have the time or the money because you have kids and a job. You dream of an evening alone together, without the kids.

Don’t dream anymore. Make it happen.

Like everyone else, you and your significant other or spouse are busy holding down jobs, possibly raising a family, all while trying to keep your sanity. Finding time for romance seems impossible. But romance keeps a relationship young, strong, and alive.

Here are some simple ideas to get you started down the path to romance.

  • Get a babysitter. One night away from parents will not harm your children. If grandma or aunts live nearby, ask one of them for a favor. If you don’t have any relatives nearby, find someone you trust and pay them a few dollars while you go out for a few hours. Don’t feel guilty.
  • Have a special dinner at home. After you put the kids to bed, light candles and have dinner with the lights dimmed. Make sure you wait until the kids are asleep.
  • Leave a Post-it with a special message in his lunchbox. Don’t get too mushy. Just tell him you love him. It’ll keep him thinking about you until he gets home.
  • Love is one of the most powerful emotions. Follow these tips and create some of your own to keep your love new.

Get busy, lady! Romance is waiting for you.

Keep the romance in your relationship

Keep the romance in your relationship

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