Advice – Easier to Give Than to Receive

When it comes to love and relationships, there is always plenty of advice to go around. It’s never easy to sort through it all until you find something useful. From love life tips to child rearing, there is no shortage of people willing to chime in for your benefit.

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If you were to be honest with yourself though, would you say that you are guilty of it too? How open are you to accepting advice? Does it leave you a little annoyed when you offer advice that is ignored?

The simple fact is giving advice is really a tricky road to travel. You may have good intentions, but the other person’s feelings could still be hurt. Does that mean that it is better not to give advice? Far from it, but you should be sure that the other person wants more than just a sympathetic ear.

How are you at taking advice, especially the unsolicited sort? When giving advice you should always keep that in mind. Relationships have enough potential pitfalls without someone complicating matters further with unwanted guidance.

The first rule of giving advice is to know the recipient. Whether a family member or a friend, you should truly understand the person. This will keep you from going too far with your counsel.

So how do you handle advice about your boyfriend or husband? Fed up with your mom’s take on his nights out with the guys? Well you can always politely decline any advice given, or try to change the subject. You should know the person well enough to know if their heart is the right place. Remember, just because someone gives you advice, doesn’t mean you have to follow it.

Likewise, don’t go giving advice at the drop of the hat. Not everyone likes unsolicited advice.

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