What is Wellness and How to Achieve It?

Wellness is one of the latest buzz words when it comes to ensuring a better quality of life. Although just now coming into mainstream language the term has been around since 1961.

Wellness refers to the conscious decision of individuals to make choices to improve their quality of life. With wellness there is less dependence on drugs to make ‘things’ right.

Instead the focus is on eating right, exercising and developing a positive mindset. Wellness encompasses the total man – mind, body, and soul. As a matter of fact there are many facets to the concept of wellness, the main ones are namely: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, cultural, occupational, environmental and social.

Dimensions of Wellness

Some of the various dimensions of wellness may have different meanings to different persons. However, there are some basic similarities.

Physical wellness is a given. This refers to keeping our bodies in optimal condition to enable healthy aging. Most of us associate wellness with just the physical, but the other areas are just as important for holistic health.

Emotional wellness: Here you need to learn how to handle stress and other situations that can impact happiness. Emotional wellness is more of a state of mind and being. To achieve this different techniques are used such as meditation and yoga.

Spiritual wellness: As the name implies this has to do with your spirituality and beliefs. This is a blending and balancing of the inner self with the outer self. For some this is an adherence to a particular religion.

Intellectual wellness: When we are able to open our minds to new ideas and concepts, then we are on the way to obtaining intellectual wellness.

Occupational wellness: Here one is involved in work that they like and which uses their talents effectively. Doing work that you like makes for a happier, more fulfilling life. This is the key to occupational wellness.

Social wellness: Being able to live well with others. It is the ability to communicate and build socially helpful networks and groups.

Environmental wellness: As we become more aware of how man is destroying the environment, efforts are being made to combat the damage. It is this effort to cease or slow the destruction of the environment that is referred to here.

Achieving wellness is a lifetime ocmmitment and goal.

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