Entertaining on a Budget

Yes, entertaining can be possible on a budget. There are lots of tips and tricks to use to put on a fantastic event without having to break the bank. The thought of entertaining can sometimes put you into a tailspin when there is nothing on hand.

Some simple tips to help you entertain with minimum fuss and still have a great event are:

Keeping it simple: There are no set rules that you have to be elaborate when entertaining. As a matter of fact simple is sometimes the best option. Avoid a multi-course meal, instead go for tasty morsels, that is, finger foods.

Opt for fruits and vegetables: These are generally cheaper than most types of meats. There are lots of interesting and tasty ways to prepare and serve vegetables and fruits at even the most upscale event.

Bring something: Don’t be embarrassed to have your guests bring something along. This can be a bottle of wine, a salad or a casserole; not only will this reduce the cost to you, but also the amount of time you need to spend preparing.

Dessert on the cheap: If you are planning an event that calls for dessert, opt for cheaper.

Decorate for Cheap: Make a festive or interesting setting with decorations. This can be done without spending on a bundle on decorators. Grab decorations from a dollar store or from your garden if you have one. Placing cut flowers in and around a room not only improves the ambience, but can help enhance the mood of guests.

Recipes: Always keep simple recipes on hand for when you have to entertain. These can be lifesavers when you have little time to prepare and even less cash to spare.

Just a little planning and preparation can make all the difference when it comes to entertaining successfully on a shoestring budget.

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